Haircare Consultations & Custom Routines

Everyone has a haircare routine. Just not everyone knows it - because for most of us, our routine consists primarily of neglect, or "winging it" at best. After all, it is “just hair” right? Well, yes. Until considerable damage occurs, and we can no longer ignore it. It’s usually at this point where we decide we have to do better. “Doing better”, however, almost inevitably consists of more frustration and feeling around in the dark – especially because many of us don’t know where to start.
That’s where we come in.
We understand that "Good Hair" doesn't happen by accident. We help you build a unique hair profile and routine that outlines what, when, how, and how often your hair needs what it needs. And the best part, is that it's tailor made to suit you and your lifestyle.


"Handing my tresses over to Afope has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. I never once second guessed my decision because I've seen how healthy her own hair is. With Afope guiding me through a proper hair care routine and the type of products suited to my hair, my hair has become healthier, fuller and longer than it has ever previously grown before. I love how well versed she is about hair and how her concern is always the health of my hair, but also how it looks! Working with Afope debunks all the myths of black hair all at once, as soon as she reveals the potential of the hair growing from your own hair."

- Zane (Law Student, LSE)