Anybody who knows me, knows my hair has always been important to me. But up until I really learnt what it meant to have healthy hair, all that was truly important to me was how my hair looked.

Don't get me wrong, it's still important to me, but that's beside the point.

The point is that I was so engrossed in what my hair looked like, that I failed to consider that maybe, just maybe, what it looked like could be direclty linked to how healthy it was. To how healthy I was.

We all do that though, don't we?

If we want longer-looking hair we stick in extensions, and if we want fuller-looking hair we grab any (or all) volumizing products we can find off the shelf. With little to no consideration about the potnetial the immediate (let alone the long-term) setbacks.

Now, while there is definitely room for all of these wonderful add-ons in our haircare arsenal that afford us the joys of experimentation and self-expression, they were never meant to be long term solutions to our hair needs. That's if we can call them solutions at all. If anything, consistent abuse of these things, in a bid to "cover our shame", only ever ends up making things worse.

How did we get so caught up in this cycle?

More likely than not, it's because we've bought into the lie that some of us are simply born with "bad hair". And so, we consistently manipulate our perceived bad hair in a bid to get it looking good, and then conveniently attribute the resulting damage of our reckless practices to the "fact" that we just have bad hair. A lot of us will have heard the term "good hair" used to describe a person who has hair that others are envious of. We rightly associate with it one or more of the following characteristics; body, bounce, shine, and of course, length. And just as we do with "bad hair", we believe that "good hair" is largely inherent. You either have it, or you don't. Now, genes certainly play a part in hair composition, but if 7 years of trail, error, and close study has taught me one thing, it is that "good hair" doesn't happen by accident - neither can it simply be stumbled upon. Except in outlying hereditary or medical conditions, genes will not hinder (or further) our hair's potential any more than your own haircare habits will allow it.

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Simply put, I could have all the "good hair" genes the good Lord Himself could give a person, but ultimately, my hair can only ever flourish if given what it actually needs to do so. Being that girl who many people made the common mistake of seeing to have inherently "good hair" - I, through my incessant obsession with doing any/everything I could to achieve my desired looks (and trust me, there were many), proved to myself, and everyone who held my hair in high esteem, that no matter how much potential your hair has, it will never hold up to consistent ignorant abuse.

I founded Faahri upon the belief in "good hair". The belief that it has no preferred racial mix, curl pattern, or proneness to shrinkage. The belief that "good hair" is healthy hair. Plain and simple. In a nut shell, good hair is attainable by any and everyone who is prepared to be good to their hair. For the majority of us, being good to our hair begins with unlearning much of what we think we know about proper black hair. Cleaning house of all the well-meaning old wives' tales, about our hair, passed down from our mothers and their mothers before them. As nostalgic as those hair care practices may be, we thank God for science that now allows us to take a closer look. To develop a more accurate understanding of our hair, and what is needs.

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This means that having healthy hair no longer has to be all about blind effort. While exploring is part of the fun of the journey, haphazard experimentation that yields little
results takes up unnecessary time, and let's face it, it's frustrating to no end. Here at Faahri, we are focused on creating, through our products and services, an ecosystem of
simple and customizable roadmaps (if you will) that help you navigate the seemingly daunting world of black haircare. By helping you understand the twists and turns of your
hair, we set you up to maximize your "good hair" potential.

We've made it simple. Now everyone can be that girl with the "good hair"!

Yours truly,