is for Faahri

Pronounced 'Far-ree', our brand name was born of the banding of two already interlinked words of Yoruba and Arabic origin. The Yoruba word 'Faari' meaning to 'show off', is derived from the Arabic word "Fakhr," which means "glory or pride". The combination of the two brought about "Faahri", meaning "the boasting of one's glory and pride". As hair has been a longstanding cross-cultural symbol of glory, we felt the name to be a natural progression for our desire to see black hair in all its glorious forms as something worth showing off - with pride.

A Letter From Our Founder

"I founded Faahri upon my belief in "good hair". The belief that it has no preferred racial mix, curl pattern, or proneness to shrinkage. The belief that "good hair" is healthy hair, and is prepared to be intentional with their hair".

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