Our Vision

We want to see people transcend longstanding (and often times - negative) misconceptions about black hair care. We want to equip people with the appropriate tools to handle their hair in a way empowers them to express themselves, without compromising the integrity of their hair, or a healthy understanding and attitude towards it.

Our Mission

Using expert information along with a bespoke approach, we will create an environment for each individual that encourages them to uphold healthy haircare practices, while maintaining the allure of being adventurous with their hair. We are building a range of accessible and affordable products, with ingredients that work to fortify the building blocks of each individual's hair. We will form a community, and we will journey together!

Our Values


Through education we hope
to inspire and equip the wider
hair care community with an accurate
foundation for understanding black hair.


We celebrate the uniquness
of all different hair types
and styles. Each has its own
unique set of attributes -
each one as valuable
and beautiful as the next.


We prioritize & acknowledge a
healthy lifestyle as an
indispensablefactor in determining
the extent to which our hair
goals can be achieved.

Our Values

Family, Friends, & Fun

We know that our destination is made all the more worthwhile when we journey together. So, get comfortable and consider yourself at home, because that's exactly what we intend to do. Whatever is worth doing, is worth doing well ...and having fun with!

Creativity & Innovation

We keep an open mind and never stop asking questions. This is what drives our ability to create innovative products that will tackle black hair care issues head on (pun intended).

Wholesome Ingredients

We use nature's best because we care about you, we care about our environment, and we care about the synergy between these two things and our products.